Where are The Most Expensive Homes in The World?

Buckingham Palace, in London

I am almost certain that this is a question that all of you readers have asked yourself or gone as far as searching online while doing a little research into the rich and famous and dreaming of what it would be like to live a life alike those in the top 0.1% – insane homes (homes plural!) and absolutely incredible holiday destinations. Although apparently you can get whatever you want if you put your mind to it, so if you are really determined to live the high life then you should go for it – just remember to bring me along for the ride when you have started to hit it big time J

So, if you have looked into this probably very commonly asked question then you will likely have come across the 1 Billion USD home located in Mumbai/Bombay which is a tower devoted to one Indian family and it is surrounded by some of the poorest slums on this earth which is really a huge contrast in living and one that is criticized by many – I have to agree that it is really bad taste to have decided to create their 1 Billion Dollar home in the location that it is in. They could have at least chosen to develop it within one of the rich neighborhoods. I guess when you have that much money though; you can do whatever you please, regardless of the uproar that you might attract.

Buckingham Palace, in London

The most expensive home on all the lists though, is one that is a little closer to home and perhaps will come as a surprise to many of you; it is actually Buckingham Palace, in London that is valued at over 1.55 Billion USD, and actually when you think about it, with all the history and abundance of antique furniture, fittings and fine art paintings, its value probably well exceeds this figure if one wanted to purchase the property fully furnished – although this would never be a possibility as Buckingham Palace is an estate that is and will always be owned by the Royal Family.

So, there you have it – the most expensive home on this planet is right here in the UK and in our capital city.