The Modern Gadgets and Fittings To Add to Your Home

If you are someone that likes staying up to date and enjoys that benefits that come with some of the new gadgets and fittings in today’s market then you might be interested in taking advantage of some of the below new technologies that we have come across. We selected the items we thought were best and would add the most value to a person’s lifestyle.

The Nest Hello Doorbel

  • The Nest Hello Doorbell – This handy device is one that can be controlled from your smartphone and it is for seeing, listening and speaking to whoever is at your door. The device comes with an HD video camera and speaker which offers a crystal clear image and a sound quality that is impressive, even in busy & loud environments.

The Amazon Echo

  • The Amazon Echo – This device from Amazon is a voice controlled speaker that can also connect to other digital devices to make life at home very easy and convenient. The device can make calls, send texts, play music and if you have multiple Amazon Echo’s at home then you can easily communicate with someone in another room if you need to. The device can also control lighting and entertainment systems at home, providing they are also modern and using the same type of technology.

The Lutron Light Dimmer

  • The Lutron Light Dimmer – This is a device that comes with a remote control and will allow you to dim lights from anywhere in your home. The device will also integrate with the Amazon Echo to allow voice control light dimming

The Petcube from Amazon

  • The Petcube from Amazon – This is a device that has motion sensors and a camera and speaker included that will connect with your mobile device (smart phone or tablet) and it is made for communicating with your pet/pets while not at home. It does seem to work well as long as your pet does not try and hide from it.

The Drift Light

  • The Drift Light – Self Dimming Light bulb – This clever light bulb will function as a normal light bulb unless you flip its switch twice; it then will slowly fade over a 37 minute window, which is the same time it takes from the sun to set. It will help you fade into a nice and comfortable sleep.

The last item that we found to be very impressive was the Acher Vibracoutstic Bath Tub which acts as a blue-tooth speaker when empty and then when filled with water the music waves will ripple through it to make for an extremely soothing and relaxing bath time, unless you are playing some heavy metal through your device.

I am sure you will find many other great new products if you go out and look for yourself, there are many new items coming to market all the time.