A Look Ahead To See What the Future Has in Store for Our Home Furniture

I find it is always quite enjoyable to take a peek ahead and check what is around the corner when it comes to home gadgets, transport and also home furniture. Actually it is just fun to take a look into what the future holds for us in any measure. Anyway, as this is a home furniture themed website I think it is best to keep this post focused on what we can be looking forward to in relation to home furnishings and fittings. So we did a bit of research to find out what kind of lighting could soon become the next trend across UK homes, what might be the popular for comfortable lounging, what new designs we look forward to for our dining rooms and what will be the next best home workstation designs that take off.

We certainly can say with total confidence that we were very much impressed by the wide variety and range in new innovative designs and concepts that we came across during our research. There were some really fancy looking new types of lightbulbs that actually are not bulbs at all, instead they were hollow lamp with the edging being the lighting fixtures, so they appeared to look like some kind of glowing vortex. We also came across new designs for sofas that came with reading lamps already built in to them, which as you can imagine would be very efficient. There was actually quite a lot of options when it came to seating that also provided some kind of lighting – so this looks like it could for sure be something that becomes more popular in the near future.

Into the dining room furnishings and we were all totally at awe when we came across a dining table and set of chairs that were all suspended by wires that came fitted into the ceiling of the showroom where the table and chairs were on display. The dining table and chairs set had a very edgy, contemporary look to them and the metallic finish offered an eye catching shine that captured our attention for a good amount of time. It is of course not something that would be suitable for most homes, but perhaps for those of you with a bit more to spend and with some solid, sturdy walls and ceilings might consider investing in something of the like when it becomes available if it is not already?

Taking a look back at the sofas, I think it is worthwhile mentioning a type of chair that was made up from 100 rectangular blocks mounted onto gas-filled shock absorbers and suspending above a metal base. The block of rectangles would then conform to the sitter’s posture and change as the sitter’s body would move to put pressure on different parts of the block chair. The designer of the chair – Alessandro Beda could not come up with a name for the fantastic design, so he just went with the name ‘Untitled Chair’. Staying with seating and being comfortable and to end this post on a high, and the high-light of our research had to be the new designs of workstations that are hopefully soon coming to our well known high street stores and online furniture shops. There were numerous designs that took us by surprise, and got us excited. We just hope that the price points for the fantastic designs will be fitting with what the majority of us can realistically spend on our workstation. One of the designs that we especially liked was called the Scorpion Workstation, which of course takes its name from the way is resembles the tricky little arachnids. The favourite new workstation design though had to be the ‘Sonic Chair’, the futuristic looking workstation/pod offers a superbly relaxing place to sit and work, while at the same time it has its own built in sound-system. So allowing the user to sit and listen to their own music in their own enclosed work-space. The Sonic Chair will be available in 35 different colours too, so  you should certainly be able to find one that matches your taste.

The Importance of Owning a Decent Dining Room Table

Dining Room Table

Owning a good quality, solid dining room table is something that should not be overlooked and it is sad to see that in today’s society it actually seems to have been neglected somewhat. The reason why I am making this statement is because of the slowly fading away tradition of enjoying a meal with others in your home, sitting around the dining room table. Instead in today’s household, the norm will be to grab your meal from the kitchen and then find a spot to sit yourself in the living room, to get comfy and gobble down your food at the same time as watching the latest episode of Eastenders or whatever the popular show may be at the time of you reading this. Some people actually don’t even sit down in any given place while munching down their cooked meal and instead they eat on their feet while multitasking, walking from room to room and probably dropping a fair few crumbs along the way.

So, it is about time that we start making an effort to bring back this forgotten pastime and come back to enjoying our meals in the company of others, and taking some time away from the digital noise of the TV and instead share some personal thoughts or events of the day with the other people you live with, perhaps your family or friends, or just some roommates that you happen to be sharing the expensive rent with. However for this to become a thing and for people to start coming back to eating while sitting at the household’s dining room table, you first need to ensure that you have purchased a decent dining room table and have complemented it with some comfortable, decent dining room chairs. You should also take a moment to check on the cutlery and plates/bowls/glasses that you have available in your home and make sure that there will be enough to go around before coming up with the idea to all get together to enjoy some home cooked goodness.

I am sure if you can make it a routine and keep it going for a week or a few, then it should become a habit within your home and you will be very grateful that you made the effort in the first place – and your house-mates will likely also thank you for it. This is of course providing there are no flare-ups around the table, during some of the more heated discussions that can take place (not sure if it is just in my home that these occur or is it common place?).

Most Weird Furniture

Extravagance is something we all like to see and admire but only few take action and adopt this style as their own. This can be also applied to our homes in the form of furniture. In this article we want to show you some of the weirdest furniture we have found while investigating various households across the UK and more.

The 3 Headed Sheep Armchair

If you are an animal lover and fearlessly oppose any use of any part of an animal for a humans fashion or comfort, then I suggest that you don’t look at the picture below. It´s an armchair covered in wool and two sheep heads fitted at the end of each of the arms and another one at the centre of the backrest. Creepy is a word that does not quite to it justice when trying to describe this chair, but everyone has their own taste I guess.

The 3 Headed Sheep Armchair

The Table Rubik Cube

Now, this is an original idea and not creepy at all. It´s a table with a rubik cube shape and the same colors… even the small cubes! Perfect to surprise your friends and family with and winning the prize for being the person with the most creative table. I must say I´m sorry for the rubik cube fans, this one is solved. The table has each side of one colour.

The Table Rubik Cube

Rome Coliseum Sofa

Rome history fans, it’s your lucky day. This sofa has the shape of the coliseum of Rome, and it even correctly lacks the half of it that is in ruins. The pillows are a Roman Empire style red silk with touches of gold. A real piece of art, although it doesn´t look very comfortable.

Rome Coliseum Sofa

Hamburger Bed

This bed is literally a hamburger that you can sleep in, but of course without the real meat & veg. The low part is the bottom part of the bun, the mattress is the meat, the cheese is the sheet or can be used also as a blanket and the duvet is the upper part of the bun. The perfect bed for burger lovers. It looks cozy and all! But be careful, it can make you hungry when you go to bed.

Hamburger Bed

Table with Swinger Chairs

This is my favorite. Why not have some fun while you are seated at the dining table? With this one you can swing around while you eat, drink something with friends, or just hang out – pun certainly intended. Add a little amusement to your life with this wonderful table with swingers, it also offers a very modern, contemporary look and feel for those of you who are looking to the future when it comes to designing your homes.

Table with Swinger Chairs

Having A Solid, Quality Desk At Home Can Make A Big Difference To Your Output

Quality Desk

If you are someone who tends to take their work home with them, either because you want to or because you need to, then you should give some careful/serious thought toward investing in a good quality desk or home office/hidden office unit. You will be surprised by how much of a difference it will make and how much more efficient you will become when you are seated at your impressive, smart and stylish desk that has been carefully hand crafted to meet the needs of the most demanding of workers. Believe it or not, it has been proven that one’s concentration span improves when they are working at a serious office desk compared to someone that makes do with whatever is in the room or in front of them at the moment of them wanting or needing to get down to some unfinished task that they had been set earlier on while taking on some demanding responsibilities at work. The office desk needs to be of a certain quality and made with ergonomics in mind for you to get this kind of benefit from it though, so you need to ensure that you do not get distracted by some discounted, stylish on the outside, but cheap on the inside home office desk that has just been made in a factory, as fast as possible and with the cheapest of materials, so that the seller can maximise their profits. You should be willing to spend a healthy amount on the desk for your home office and take time to check the quality of the build, how solid is the desk, what is it made out of, does it have a good track record? If you are buying online then you can usually find some reviews on the company website you are buying from, and even sometimes, the specific products, so you can see and get a good idea about the quality of the office desk unit before you spend your hard earned savings.

If you are going to invest in a Home Office Desk, or a Quality Hidden Home Office Unit, then you should also spend wisely on your chosen home office chair, as this is certainly going to be another important feature of your home office/study room and it is going to have a big impact on the efficiency of the person working in that office. So make sure you also look for an ergonomic, high-end, quality home office chair, or executive office chair. The chair and the desk will complement each other well and combined you will have the starting’s of an impressive study room, fit for even the top CEO’s of the large Multi-National Companies.  After all, if you are going to be spending so much of your life working, you should at least treat yourself and make sure that the environment you are working in is as pleasant and comfortable as possible, while at the same time being a setting where you can perform at your optimum efficiency and get your work done and dusted before it gets too late.

Finding A Good Home Furniture Online Store


With so many different websites selling home furniture online, how to you separate the good from the bad, and avoid making some very costly mistakes. As you are really buying from pictures when shopping online, it can be very difficult to tell if the furniture items you are browsing and considering to purchase are well made pieces of furniture that have been expertly crafted by skilled professionals, or alternatively, if they are actually cheap and tacky copies that have been assembled by unskilled workmen or poorly put together in a factory. Unfortunately there are many websites online that are selling bad quality furniture and are being run by owners who have just one interest in mind, and that is making as much profit from each item they sell as possible. These online shops stock, display and sell the cheapest, flimsy furniture units that they have sourced from factories that have been designed to cut corners and to pump out furniture quickly with no attention to detail. The only focus is cutting costs wherever possible and getting the items to market with as little effort as they can. On the other side of the market there are many top quality online shops that stock, display and sell furniture that is of the highest quality, well made and made to last. Some of these good quality online shops also bring the added benefit to their customers of being able to sell their furniture items at unusually low prices, due to the fact that they do not have to spend a vast amount of money on the large overheads that come with having a physical, high street store. So, if you find the right website selling home furniture, then you can be in for a really good deal on all your home furniture units.

online furniture shopping

So, how can you tell which are the good home furniture website that you should be spending your money with? You can do some checks of your own to cut down the chances of having a bad experience by looking into certain things like:

  • Who owns the website/business? You should read the about us section and see who they say they are, and then call them for a chat – you will be able to get a feeling if they are being honest and sound like the people they are describing within the about us section.
  • You can look for reviews of the website, either within the actual website or just by searching online, within Google and checking out what other previous customers have to say about them.
  • You can do some market research and compare the furniture you see on their website with the furniture displayed on other well-known furniture sites – see if what they are stocking and selling is found anywhere else online that has a good reputation and at the same time you can compare the prices, so see if they are being fair.
  • You should spend some time navigating around the website to see how good it is, how much do they care about the user experience within the website. How good is the shopping experience and how safe does the buying process feel? If the online furniture store is of a good quality, they will usually have a good quality website, with a safe and secure shopping experience.
  • You should check them out on social media – A good quality, well regarded online furniture business will usually have a good social profile. If they are only online then they will need to make an effort to grow their brand through many online platforms, and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are perfect for that purpose. You can usually find links to the businesses social pages from the footer of their websites. You will be able to get a good feeling of the respective furniture website when checking out their social profiles.

A good example of an online furniture store that is of a high quality and selling top quality home furniture units throughout is The Bathrooms and More Store. You can check out their website and see for yourself – they have multiple social pages set up that are all very active, they have a good following. They have many good reviews and their price points are fantastic. Actually, if you are thinking about shopping for your furniture online, then you should certainly check them out – The Bathrooms and More Store in the UK – They offer great product and have a very friendly, helpful team.

The Modern Gadgets and Fittings To Add to Your Home

If you are someone that likes staying up to date and enjoys that benefits that come with some of the new gadgets and fittings in today’s market then you might be interested in taking advantage of some of the below new technologies that we have come across. We selected the items we thought were best and would add the most value to a person’s lifestyle.

The Nest Hello Doorbel

  • The Nest Hello Doorbell – This handy device is one that can be controlled from your smartphone and it is for seeing, listening and speaking to whoever is at your door. The device comes with an HD video camera and speaker which offers a crystal clear image and a sound quality that is impressive, even in busy & loud environments.

The Amazon Echo

  • The Amazon Echo – This device from Amazon is a voice controlled speaker that can also connect to other digital devices to make life at home very easy and convenient. The device can make calls, send texts, play music and if you have multiple Amazon Echo’s at home then you can easily communicate with someone in another room if you need to. The device can also control lighting and entertainment systems at home, providing they are also modern and using the same type of technology.

The Lutron Light Dimmer

  • The Lutron Light Dimmer – This is a device that comes with a remote control and will allow you to dim lights from anywhere in your home. The device will also integrate with the Amazon Echo to allow voice control light dimming

The Petcube from Amazon

  • The Petcube from Amazon – This is a device that has motion sensors and a camera and speaker included that will connect with your mobile device (smart phone or tablet) and it is made for communicating with your pet/pets while not at home. It does seem to work well as long as your pet does not try and hide from it.

The Drift Light

  • The Drift Light – Self Dimming Light bulb – This clever light bulb will function as a normal light bulb unless you flip its switch twice; it then will slowly fade over a 37 minute window, which is the same time it takes from the sun to set. It will help you fade into a nice and comfortable sleep.

The last item that we found to be very impressive was the Acher Vibracoutstic Bath Tub which acts as a blue-tooth speaker when empty and then when filled with water the music waves will ripple through it to make for an extremely soothing and relaxing bath time, unless you are playing some heavy metal through your device.

I am sure you will find many other great new products if you go out and look for yourself, there are many new items coming to market all the time.

Where are The Most Expensive Homes in The World?

Buckingham Palace, in London

I am almost certain that this is a question that all of you readers have asked yourself or gone as far as searching online while doing a little research into the rich and famous and dreaming of what it would be like to live a life alike those in the top 0.1% – insane homes (homes plural!) and absolutely incredible holiday destinations. Although apparently you can get whatever you want if you put your mind to it, so if you are really determined to live the high life then you should go for it – just remember to bring me along for the ride when you have started to hit it big time J

So, if you have looked into this probably very commonly asked question then you will likely have come across the 1 Billion USD home located in Mumbai/Bombay which is a tower devoted to one Indian family and it is surrounded by some of the poorest slums on this earth which is really a huge contrast in living and one that is criticized by many – I have to agree that it is really bad taste to have decided to create their 1 Billion Dollar home in the location that it is in. They could have at least chosen to develop it within one of the rich neighborhoods. I guess when you have that much money though; you can do whatever you please, regardless of the uproar that you might attract.

Buckingham Palace, in London

The most expensive home on all the lists though, is one that is a little closer to home and perhaps will come as a surprise to many of you; it is actually Buckingham Palace, in London that is valued at over 1.55 Billion USD, and actually when you think about it, with all the history and abundance of antique furniture, fittings and fine art paintings, its value probably well exceeds this figure if one wanted to purchase the property fully furnished – although this would never be a possibility as Buckingham Palace is an estate that is and will always be owned by the Royal Family.

So, there you have it – the most expensive home on this planet is right here in the UK and in our capital city.

The Great New Home Security Technology Keeping You Feeling Safe & Sound

The Great New Home Security Technology Keeping You Feeling Safe & Sound

As the population continues to grow and resources carry on diminishing, and with the level of petty, low-level or street crime consistently rising, especially in and around the big urban cities of most European countries, it is good to know that there are many intelligent professionals who are always researching and developing new and innovative ways to keep us safe in our own homes. The selection and quality of home security systems that are available these days and affordable for the common public is quite impressive and the variety continues to grow. As the variety grows and expands, it is also nice to know that the quality and effectiveness of the systems also has consistently been improving, and the icing on the cake is that the price actually has not been increasing, it has done the oppostive and price of technology being used in security systems has dropped year on year for quite some time to now bring us to a point where the average joe blogs can afford himself and his small one bedroom council flat, a fitted security system that will have him feeling safe and relaxed while at home and also while away. The systems these days will even keep you updated on the state of your home while you are holidays, perhaps on the other side of the world. Heck, if you really want, you can program certain systems to bring up a video call type scenario on your mobile, tablet or laptop device for whenever anyone comes within x amount feet of the boundaries you preset/lay around your house.

The Great New Home Security Technology Keeping You Feeling Safe & Sound

The most popular model home security systems, that are very affordable and ones that I can highly recommend at the easy to fit and set-up, front-door bell/video system that integrates with your smart phone and alerts you every time someone approached your front door and rings the buzzer/bell. You will then be able to use the phone application to operate the HD camera that you will have fitted to the front door, or around it, so you can clearly see the person or persons that are there, you can then even go one step further and use your phone to start talking with the friends or foes; your voice will beam out of a high powered, small speaker that is subtly connected to the camera. It can help you feel secure and safe at home, and it can also be a lot of fun!

The Latest Innovative Products for Home Living

The Latest Innovative Products for Home Living

As technology continues to change and evolve at rapid speeds, it is very interesting and exciting to see all of the new products and gadgets that are consistently being launched to the common markets. Some of these technological advancements are fly by fads, while some others will having some staying power due to being highly appealing to certain niche markets, but some will ultimately be so efficient and life changing that they will become common household products and influence daily living for the majority of the population. There are two new, innovative smart home gadgets that have particularly caught my eye recently and these are:

The Latest Innovative Products for Home Living

  • The Illumi Bowl Toilet Night Light: https://amzn.to/2O7qcXL – This fun and fantastic gadget was recently on the popular American investors show ‘Shark Tank’ and it was obviously an immediate hit with attracting attention from all the sharks in the tank. Since its success on the show it has completed its development stage and is now available for anyone to purchase, right from Amazon. The clever lighting for your toilet bowl will light up whenever the sensor picks up on any motion, so anyone approaching the toilet. There are 8 colour options to set up on a rotation or to maintain a specific colour of your choosing. There is also 3 dimming options so you can set the brightness to your preference. The Illumi Bowl Toilet Night Light will fit any toilet easily.
  • The Nest Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Smart Alarm: https://amzn.to/2A0p311 This neat and clean looking, clever device will help put your mind at ease about the possibility of breathing in any toxic or harmful fumes & gasses while at home. It is battery powered and can be connected wirelessly of course, to your phone – so you can receive the messages of low battery warnings or any potential gas or smoke leaks, direct to your phone. The intelligent sensors within the Nest Smoke alarm gadget can also tell you what is the cause or source for each leak; perhaps it will be burnt toast, or maybe carbon monoxide filling your living room – you will be able to rest assured that your new smart Nest alarm will keep you clearly informed. The device regularly checks its own battery life too, so you never need to worry about it running out without your knowledge. If you have other smart devices or gadgets at home, then you can also connect those with your Nest Alarm; so for example if using smart light bulbs, in the event of a gas leak the Nest Alarm will be able to start flashing your lights throughout the house as a way of warning you, on top of all the other warnings you will be receiving from the device.

There are loads more great devices available now, in the stores and online, but to keep things short I just picked out the above two for being especially useful and brilliant.

Take Good Care When Furniture Shopping Online & Avoid Unsafe Properties

Take Good Care When Furniture Shopping Online & Avoid Unsafe Properties

As the world wide web continues to develop and expand, becoming more intuitive and intelligent and in many ways vastly more friendly to users, it is at the same time attracting more and more attention from the more scrupulous citizens who are also honing, improving & developing their trickster methods and targeting the abundance of innocent internet browsers, many of which are very naive to those scamming & malicious methods. These tricks and scams can involve gaining access to your personal, financial details if you are perhaps coaxed into inputting your card details into a website that is a clone of the website you actually think you are shopping on. Another common trick is when the scammer will have previously inserted some malicious code they have developed into files that they put up on a site somewhere for people to download them for free, however when that unsuspecting person downloads those files they are also downloading the malicious code that the hacker prepared earlier. That malicious code will then be installed on your own personal computer and depending on what it is/how it has been developed and on what the hackers motives are, you will end up falling victim to 1 or more of a variety of different problems. The things that could potential happen when downloading the dodgy file are for example:

  • Providing remote access for the hacker to view any files and activity that is saved and happening on your computer – this enables them to see any banking, medical, personal details that you might be using at any given time and they could potentially gain access to enough information of yours for them to be able to ‘clone’ you. This gives them the freedom to start opening bank account and registering credit cards in your name as well as so many other potentially harming actions.
  • You might have downloaded a type of malicious code that is designed and developed to just be destructive, and it will act us like a worm crawling throughout your computer, deleting any files that it finds along the way
  • You could have downloaded a type of Virus that will hide itself in your computer somewhere, making it very hard to find and remove. The Virus will then from time to time cause havoc within your computer system as well as latching onto other computers that may attach themselves to the same network as you are on.

Take Good Care When Furniture Shopping Online & Avoid Unsafe Properties

There are many other functions that these hackers will develop with their codes, so just take precautions to avoid such things from happening. You can carry out various checks on files before downloading them to see that they are safe before installing or even downloading. You can also carry out various checks on websites you are visiting to ensure they are in fact the real, genuine sites and are also totally safe. The main thing to learn from this post is just to be vigil and careful when surfing the web, and do not trust anything without checking it first.