A Look Ahead To See What the Future Has in Store for Our Home Furniture

I find it is always quite enjoyable to take a peek ahead and check what is around the corner when it comes to home gadgets, transport and also home furniture. Actually it is just fun to take a look into what the future holds for us in any measure. Anyway, as this is a home furniture themed website I think it is best to keep this post focused on what we can be looking forward to in relation to home furnishings and fittings. So we did a bit of research to find out what kind of lighting could soon become the next trend across UK homes, what might be the popular for comfortable lounging, what new designs we look forward to for our dining rooms and what will be the next best home workstation designs that take off.

We certainly can say with total confidence that we were very much impressed by the wide variety and range in new innovative designs and concepts that we came across during our research. There were some really fancy looking new types of lightbulbs that actually are not bulbs at all, instead they were hollow lamp with the edging being the lighting fixtures, so they appeared to look like some kind of glowing vortex. We also came across new designs for sofas that came with reading lamps already built in to them, which as you can imagine would be very efficient. There was actually quite a lot of options when it came to seating that also provided some kind of lighting – so this looks like it could for sure be something that becomes more popular in the near future.

Into the dining room furnishings and we were all totally at awe when we came across a dining table and set of chairs that were all suspended by wires that came fitted into the ceiling of the showroom where the table and chairs were on display. The dining table and chairs set had a very edgy, contemporary look to them and the metallic finish offered an eye catching shine that captured our attention for a good amount of time. It is of course not something that would be suitable for most homes, but perhaps for those of you with a bit more to spend and with some solid, sturdy walls and ceilings might consider investing in something of the like when it becomes available if it is not already?

Taking a look back at the sofas, I think it is worthwhile mentioning a type of chair that was made up from 100 rectangular blocks mounted onto gas-filled shock absorbers and suspending above a metal base. The block of rectangles would then conform to the sitter’s posture and change as the sitter’s body would move to put pressure on different parts of the block chair. The designer of the chair – Alessandro Beda could not come up with a name for the fantastic design, so he just went with the name ‘Untitled Chair’. Staying with seating and being comfortable and to end this post on a high, and the high-light of our research had to be the new designs of workstations that are hopefully soon coming to our well known high street stores and online furniture shops. There were numerous designs that took us by surprise, and got us excited. We just hope that the price points for the fantastic designs will be fitting with what the majority of us can realistically spend on our workstation. One of the designs that we especially liked was called the Scorpion Workstation, which of course takes its name from the way is resembles the tricky little arachnids. The favourite new workstation design though had to be the ‘Sonic Chair’, the futuristic looking workstation/pod offers a superbly relaxing place to sit and work, while at the same time it has its own built in sound-system. So allowing the user to sit and listen to their own music in their own enclosed work-space. The Sonic Chair will be available in 35 different colours too, so  you should certainly be able to find one that matches your taste.